Automatic Garage Door Servicing

Servicing your garage door regularly is an inexpensive way to protect your door and increase its life cycle.

Providing regular servicing of your garage door will help prevent common issues such as noisy operation, doors out of alignment and doors not opening or closing properly.

Regular servicing will also help to ensure that you do not suffer expensive one off repair costs as a result of common issues that could have been prevented by simple maintenance.

Garage Door Opener Servicing

Garage door openers are meant to be a long term investment, not a replaceable item that constantly needs updating or replacing.

We often find that faulty and inoperable openers are caused by lack of servicing and maintenance that could have extended the operation of the motor to its manufacturer recommended life span.

Drive gears, belts, chains, pulleys, tracks and wheels wear out overtime and need to be serviced regularly to ensure that they don't cause expensive damage that could prevent proper operation.

Our 12 Point Garage Door Servicing Guide...

1 - Garage Door Openers
We check your automatic opener to ensure that it is well anchored, properly lubricated, functioning normally and able to open and close your door correctly.

2 - Garage Door Springs
We check to make sure that all garage door springs are correctly tensioned, safely secured and functioning correctly.

3 - Garage Door Cables
We check both support and tensioning cables to ensure that they are not overly stressed, well anchored and not in danger of stretching or breakage.

4 - Garage Door Remote Controls
We check your remote control battery power, button operation, indicator lights and correct programming against your automatic openers' remotely controlled features.

5 - Garage Door Locking Mechanisms
We check your locking mechanisms both automatic and manual, to ensure that locks are well anchored and able to engage easily and securely.

6 - Garage Door Fittings
We check to make sure that all door, opener, frame and support fittings are properly secured and providing the correct support where needed.

7 - Garage Opener Belts and Chains
We check all automatic opener drive belts and drive chains to ensure that they are properly lubricated, correctly tensioned, able to move freely and not at risk of stretching or breakage.

8 - Garage Door Wheels
We check to make sure that all wheels and runners are properly lubricated and allowing doors to move freely.

9 - Garage Door Panels
We check to make sure that all panels and sections are joined correctly, properly lubricated, moving smoothly and in proper alignment.

10 - Garage Door Hinges
We check to make sure that all hinges are properly lubricated, firmly joined and operating quietly.

11 - Garage Door Tracks
We check to make sure that all tracks are properly aligned, securely joined, lubricated and allowing doors to slide or roll freely.

12 - Garage Door Bearings
We check all door and motor bearings to ensure that they are properly lubricated, secured and operating quietly.

supported brands

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